“Mission Impossible (Dead Reckoning)” Part One Review

In the year 1996, Tom Cruise’s movie “Mission Impossible” was released. In this movie Tom Cruise was seen to risk his life, the movie became a hit, Then the studio made it a franchise. People were curious about every part of what Tom would do now, this man kept me wondering what stunts he would do now, And now the 7th part of Mission Impossible has come. As always the character of Ethan Matthew Hunt is a fictional character of the Mission: Impossible film series portrayed by Tom Cruise. Ethan Hunt receives a message of his mission or is destroyed in 5 seconds.Mission Impossible

They discover a key has been lost that leads to a deadly weapon, “Ethan” he sent after him for which is very important, he can neither be found nor defeated by the enemy. Ethan Hunt meets old enemies in search of the key and also found some new companions or how he will complete his mission with the help of those new companions. This is the main plot of the movie.

The dangerous villain

Any story becomes a hit when the villain is more powerful than the hero. The Mission Impossible team has cracked it. The villain has a line in the movie that says a lot. “The enemy is everywhere and nowhere”. The enemy of Ethan Hunt is not a human being in the movie. There is no human being who can be defeated to win the war, it is such a machine which was made by the governments and used for their purposes or now it has become more powerful than them. This machine changed the meaning of reality for humans, playing with perception.

This enemy is snatching away the freedom to choose in every situation. But there is a twist in the movie, this machine only controls the actions of others but cannot protect itself. If you change the code of the machine, then you can do anything with this machine. The makers of the movie made the right decision to divide the film into two parts.

Budget and Length of the Movie

The “Mission Impossible 7 (Dead Reckoning)” movie has a budget of $260m to $270m. But just for one action scene that’s Saw Tom Cruise jumping off the mountain the movie budget crossed $300M. The $40m to $60m just for one action scene, in that amount, a movie is made. The total length of the movie is 2 hours 40 minutes, And its screenplay is tremendous, so you cannot miss watching it even once.

The Action Scene

There are some scenes in Mission Impossible where you will think that Tom is gone now the movie is over. There are three scenes in the movie.
  1. The first scene – The car chase scene in the streets of Venice city. Where everyone only wants Ethan or Grace dead or in that situation where Ethan or Grace are handcuffed which is shot amazingly in this movie. 
  2. In the second scene, Tom rode the bike up the mountain.
  3. The third train scene – There is a survival scene on the train where weak-hearted people will go mad. And this is not a spoiler, the makers of the movie have already released enough footage. At some point, we feel concerned for Tom Cruise and how he did something like that. this. There is no shortage in Tom’s poetic creation. Tom may be confident at the time of the shooting, even if you are confident, but still, if you are afraid to jump from the ditch, then it appears in the movie, which is a plus point of this movie.

The character of Tom Cruise in the movie

“Mission Impossible” i.e. Tom Cruise, both have become synonymous with each other, he has developed his character throughout the movie, and he is increasing his stature.

The character of Hayley Elizabeth Atwell in the movie

Hayley Atwell’s character “Grace” is very important in the movie, I’m not talking about the action seen in it, but Grace’s character is also a very important part of this movie. “Mission Impossible” Dead Reckoning Part One is created and written by Christopher McQuarrie


The direction is great Christopher Masquarie knows what he wants to show in the room and keeps the audience engaged in every skin. In many movies, they are left with just cameras attached for shots. But, Mission Impossible is very different from other movies in this case. Here camera shots are used to convey the mood of the characters and tell their story. A Dutch angle is used at the beginning of the film where the characters do not know what to do or what they are feeling. It happens that it is not right now, then this Dutch angle has been used for philosophy. Cinematographer Fraser Taggart is also credited with Christopher Masquarie for this movie.

Finally, the movie ends with a train crash scene which is very well choreographed. The movie is an incomplete ending which means this movie will continue in the next part. This is a must-watch movie. Read More

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